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The bible gives us insight into the fact that death and life are determined by your words.  God created the Universe using words and by doing so He gave us a powerful blueprint for life. 

Too many people are far too careless with the way they use words, especially when it comes to their finances.  The way you speak can actually have positive or negative effects on your finances.  So even if you’re not yet where you would like to be financially, don’t speak negatively about your situation.  Speak life to your finances, not death.

Avoid speaking in such a way as to associate yourself with the financially weak.  For example, speaking about those “rich” people as if to exclude yourself from them.    

Try and get rid of phrases like;

“I’m broke..”

“I can’t afford..”

“I don’t have enough money..”

“My money is finished..”

“Money’s tight..”

and so on.

Don’t speak about what you see, speak forth what the Word of God says you ought to see!  It’s not about merely “naming and claiming” blessings; it means you should fill yourself with the Word of God so that your words agree with what God says about you.

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